Performer, photographer and painter, the Dutch artist Teun Hocks uses different artistic languages in an absolutely original way, creating images that are both drawings, photographs and paintings, but also theatrical sets and fragments of story. His photographs are cinematic in their process and mood, because they come from a real mise en scène. After drawing his ideas on a watercolor sketch, Hocks builds and paints a real setting, staging the scene that will be the heart of his final work. He checks and controls everything, then takes his place and starts making polaroids and, once selected the best negative, prints the final photograph toned to sepia, glues it on aluminum and starts coloring the surface with oil-painting. Performing as the everyman in his photographs, Hocks creates scenes that are confrontation with failure, puzzlement and wonder, always in a very ironic and sarcastic way. Considered one of the pioneers of the Staged Photography, Teun Hocks has exhibited internationally for over twenty years. His works are included in several museums and private collections.

“First, I start with almost an idea, or vague ones, making drawings of thoughts I have about all kind of situations that get e dreaming or just are triggering my imagination. After that I build and paint a setting, and check and control everything by making digital photos during building and compare them to my drawing. I create the desire light, take my place and start making Polaroid’s. I make 8 photo’s on 6×9 cm black-and-white film. Looking at the contact-sheet I decide which negative is the one to print. I then make three big black-and-white prints on fiber-based photographic paper, tone them to sepia, glue them on aluminium and start colouring them with transparent oil paint”.

Teun Hocks


Untitle #233, 2010

Untitled #240, 2010

Untitled #243, 2011

Untitled #259, 2015

Untitled #225, 2008-2014

  • Courtesy Paci Contemporary Gallery

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