Monica Beri and Giampiero Bonacini owners

Alchimia gallery was born as an evolution of the activities by Casa Alchimia, a residence that feeds on passion and art.
Alchimia gallery was founded in 2022, showing the preference for photography as the main field of investigation of visual arts, and aims at promoting the new languages of contemporary art in all its expressions.
The passion for design – especially Italian – and for contemporary art, combined with the owner’s taste and experience offering a new concept of hospitality, is evolving. Casa Alchimia has been transforming and dedicates the whole ground floor of the house to a contemporary art gallery.
And from October 2022 Alchimia gallery will be opened to the public. Alchimia gallery, through innovative programs, presents established as well as talented emerging artists. This is the gallery’s mission! A venue in the heart of Freeport, a critical and educational place aimed at experts and art lovers.

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