Mario Cravo Neto, who died in 2009, was one of the most important Brazilian photographers of all time. His most famous works of the ’80s and ‘90s are basically the elegant black and white series where images led to a suspended and muffled atmosphere, where bodies and objects acquired an intimate and mystic appearance.
Mario Cravo Neto “stages” his portraits to realize the deepness of the meanings and to give an important value to the light that lend to three-dimensionality and the sculptural appearance of the subjects.Each print by Mario Cravo Neto has a pure meaning that has his roots in a creative and unique language able to mix up religion and tradition, violence and drama, nature and culture.

“These images contain half of my life, and also the life of other people, my children, my parents, old friends and companions with whom I have danced. I believe that by now these intimate photographs will dance by themselves”.

Mario Cravo Neto


Eduardo with dagger, 1993

Man with two fish, 1992

Luciana, 1994

White Mother

Odé, 1989

Man with White Dove

  • Courtesy Paci Contemporary Gallery


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