Alessandro Baronio graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with honors.
He has worked in the field of advertising and entertainment, creating ad hoc sets for important Italian singers and television shows.
His pieces and performances have been exhibited in several galleries, including the Mart Museum in Rovereto.
Sensitive to social issues, the artist has been managing creative workshops for years in various physical and mental rehabilitation institutes, with the aim of stimulating and enhancing the creative and manual processes through the design, modeling, firing and glazing of clay and other materials.
Baronio designs masks dedicated to characters from the animal world or people’s portraits, using a wide range of materials or also objects delivered directly by the clients.
Alessandro Baronio is passionate about the different forms of expression of the world. His poetics in portraits stems from his love for the planet and the core forms that go back to infinity. With his pieces, he assembles what already exists, recognizes and merges curves and joints, uncovers the same shapes underpinning very distant objects, a perceptive wonder, a plastic game that recovers and reassembles objects, revealing their dreamlike value.


Grizzly bear

Parlor dog

Amazed devil

German shepherd

Animals #119

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